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Build the Best Gaming PC: A 4K Desktop Computer, Cooler, Quieter, Stronger, 10+ years of use.

Build it, or Buy it? That's the couple-thousand-dollar question, isn't it.  If you were a computer user around in the 2000's and you remember things like the Y2K bug, then you probably also had some experiences with pre-built box computers that invariably filled themselves so full of bloatware as they cruised the AOL that they would grind to a halt and eventually be incapable of even loading Windows. If you happen to be brave, you may have even clean re-installed Windows and got to bring it back to life. If you weren't so technically inclined, then you probably just threw this old PC in the garbage. "To the curb!" For too many, this cycle of; Buy a PC for "cheap", use it for 2-3 years, throw it away, buy another cheap pc, is all too familiar. Not only is it a frustrating experience over the ownership of your PC, but it's also wasteful in terms of generating excess electronics waste, and for you personally it does not build confidence in technolo

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